Timing is everything. It's about time.

All the numbers support pursuit of a different and better future of aging. The pandemic has shown a spotlight on the issues, and they, clearly, will not fix themselves. We believe that technology startups are an important part of the solution. If you share our vision and would like to get involved, reach out to any one of us, or use our contact form and we'll get back to you.

Our investment thesis.

Invest in technologies that help older adults "live more."

Technology can play a significant role in helping older adults live their best lives. However, not every technology solution is appropriate for every user. That's a design issue—not a user problem. We should no longer accept user vindictive interfaces (those which are not just bad but out to get you), overly complex solutions (that require 100-page manuals), or half-baked products (where the end-user is expected to debug the solution). Technology should be in service to humans—not the other way around. At least that's what we, at Spock Ventures, think. We value inclusive design, intuitive interfaces, and products that work. We seek to invest in founding teams that "get this." To this end, we've developed an investment framework that defines our investment interests and a set of unifying themes that guide our decision-making.

Investment framework.


Sometimes you have to give up a little independence to remain independent. But, maintaining control over those decisions matters. We all want to age with dignity. It's easier to hang up the car keys if mobility options exist. Aging-in-place becomes easier with the right tools to assist with activities of daily life and connection with friends and loved ones.


After retirement, many suffer from a deficit of meaning and a surplus of potential. With their experience, expertise, seasoned judgment, and proven performance, older adults can make significant contributions. Engagement, whether mentorship, an encore career, or volunteerism, can benefit everyone. Technology can help.

Peace of mind.

Sadly, older adults and their loved ones need to take safety and security seriously. Aging-in-place requires a safe, affordable, and ability appropriate living environment. Safety nets need to be in place for when things don't go as planned. And elder justice and fraud detection and prevention solutions are needed for elders and their loved ones.

Health & wellness.

Part of "living more" is doing so in good health. Proactive management of health and wellness, including nutrition, fitness, medication, and physical and mental health, can benefit from technology-based solutions. In addition, care partners are desperately in need of better tools and coordination solutions to provide the best possible care.

Unifying investment themes.

BIG problems.

We'll invest in technology solutions that tackle large, aging-related challenges and opportunities with the potential for a significant return on investment.

Novel solutions.

We look for stakeholder-focused and collaboratively developed products, services, and business models that are novel, defensible, and inclusive.

High impact.

We seek high impact, in depth and breadth, that can touch many lives in meaningful ways across demographics and geographies.

Amazing teams.

We love working with amazing, coachable founders who've assembled phenomenal teams that absolutely love what they do.

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